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How We Work

What’s it like to work with Simple Performance? This page describes results you can expect from working with us, our guiding beliefs, and our approach to working with clients.

Here's how we work with clients

We focus on building your internal capabilities rather than fielding teams of consultants to staff big projects.

We provide coaching, feedback and support to help our clients quickly move up the learning curve and get productive on new approaches. This is even more true when your team or organization tackles a variety of performance improvement applications – each with specific tips/tricks/variations on a shared, core approach.

Although we can help you make big changes, we typically start small by:

  • learning about you, your context, constraints and opportunities (i.e., discovery)
  • introducing you to ‘performance thinking’ and other methods (i.e., initial training) and
  • partnering with you on a trial project to demonstrate proof of concept.

Who We Serve

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Simple Performance provides a number of services designed to help performance improvement professionals and their customers impact business results.

Project Planning and Implementation

We can equip your team members to successfully apply Six Boxes® Performance Thinking to performance improvement projects and initiatives. Some applications include:

  • defining opportunities for performance improvement
  • developing performance-based training
  • developing managers, leaders, teams and individuals
  • aligning expectations within and across teams
  • capturing the best practices of top performers
  • improving the performance of roles, teams, or processes
  • executing strategy and culture change
  • implementing new processes, systems, functions or organizations, and
  • implementing training and other performance solutions.

Included in these services is participation in the Six Boxes® Practitioner Program or the Six Boxes® Champions Program .

Transition to Performance Consulting

This is a comprehensive approach to transitioning your team to broader performance improvement roles. It expands on the services mentioned above, to develop, implement, and adjust a comprehensive plan for building performance improvement capabilities.

To learn more about using the Six Boxes® Approach to transition to performance consulting, download the Get Out of the Training Box!  white paper. Although targeted to training professionals, the approach can be adapted to Human Resources and other performance improvement functions.

Management and Leadership Development

This equips your team members to help managers and leaders develop performance thinking. As a result, management will more effectively:

  • connect behavior to business results
  • analyze and improve the mix of behavior influences, and
  • understand, manage and improve performance on an ongoing basis.

Included in these services is participation in the Six Boxes® Management Development Program . To learn more about applying the Six Boxes® to management and leadership, download the Accelerating Business Results Through Leadership & Development white paper.

Management and Team Coaching

One of the most critical roles for you and your team members is coaching your internal customers to more effectively manage their people and achieve their goals. These services will equip your team members to work with business stakeholders as valued partners, based on a shared language and approach to human performance.

Included in these services is participation in Six Boxes® Performance Coaching .

Job Aids/On-the-Job Training (OJT) installation

Professionals in training and development roles are often challenged to ramp up operations training, job aids (work instructions) or on-the-job training (OJT) fast. These services radically cut development time – sometimes to just hours or days – in ways that build ownership and commitment by process owners, job experts, and subject matter experts (SMEs).

These services are based on the Expert OJT methodology and/or the Job Aids Workshop. Simple Performance is an affiliate of Expert OJT, and certified to offer the Expert OJT workshops and Job Aids Workshop.

Sales Process Improvement

Sales is the lifeblood of any business and a key focus area of many performance professionals. These services provide you with a simple, proven approach – based on performance thinking – to improve sales processes and productivity, and enable you to:

  • customize sales processes to your unique environment, based on the 'secret sauce' of your top performers and proven sales models
  • support performance beyond training, and
  • identify, implement and manage the most potent, cost-effective combination of performance enablers.

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About Us

Learn more about us on this page – including our key personnel and affiliate relationships.

Rick Straker, CPT

Rick is the Founder and Principal Consultant of Simple Performance, and brings more than 20 years experience in a variety of performance improvement roles – including management, training, performance consulting, organizational development, knowledge management, and change management – to his consulting.

He's completed successful projects in a range of industries – such as energy/oil & gas, high tech, the public sector, biomedical, healthcare, and financial services – and has worked with such firms as:

  • Abbot
  • Cameron
  • Compaq Computer Corporation
  • Dell
  • Harris County, Texas
  • Houston Airport System
  • McKesson
  • Lowe's Home Improvement
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Owens Corning, and
  • Riverside Country, California
  • Samsung.
  • Shell
  • University of Texas Medical Branch

Rick is Past-President of the Houston Chapter of the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI), is active with the American Society of Training & Development (ASTD), and holds an MS in Human Development. He's earned ISPI's Certified Performance Technologist (CPT) designation and frequently presents at national and local conferences – most recently at ASTD Houston's 2012 Annual Conference and Exposition.

His passion is simple, plain English approaches to performance improvement.

Amos Benning

Amos is a Simple Performance partner and is in charge of business development. He has over 30 years expertise in business development, sales, sales management, organizational leadership, leadership development, and human performance consulting.

Amos spent 25 years with Xerox Corporation holding senior sales management positions – including managing sales and technical training at the Xerox International Center for Training and Management Development.

He has expertise in both the public and private sectors – including:

  • healthcare.
  • oil and gas
  • manufacturing
  • high tech
  • telecommunications
  • financial services
  • pharmaceutical
  • federal, state, and local government

He participated in Xerox's Malcolm Baldrige national quality certification award and is a role model in his knowledge of Lean Six Sigma and Quality principles.